Wrist Lore’s inception came from a family’s shared dedication and passion to push the boundaries of watch design to create something new and unique whilst staying affordable. Such ideas were brought to fruition through the synergy that exists between my uncle (an ex-RAF pilot), my father (the man who helped me build my first airplane model), and myself - an aviation nerd and watch geek for over 30 years. From a sketched design, a virtual model drawn on a computer, followed by a working prototype - the entire process has taken over 2 years to materialize.


Our primary focus: creating modern, minimalist, and hand crafted timepieces with a stylized balance of elegance and form, whilst staying true to the spirit of aviation. This excellence embodies the core belief of Wrist Lore.






















Aviation has always fascinated me. I can remember looking up into a bright blue cloudless sky watching a very high jet drawing out its white contrail whilst yelling “Look Grandpa Look!”. I was 8 at the time.


My grandfather was my hero, I grew up listening to his enthralling war stories. He was a celebrated British officer in World War II with a kind, stoic, and gentle demeanor. He fought valiantly to save many and managed to survive despite being a POW twice throughout the course of the war. He would tell me stories of air battles, heroism, danger, and winning against all odds. All of these things left a deep impression on me, and fueled my obsession.

By the age of 12 I was a complete and utter aviation nerd. There was just something about them - the apparent defiance of gravity, unequivocal speed, deafening noise, and sharp defined lines. It represented something special to me. A freedom that could not be experienced down here on the surface of the Earth. It was for this reason that I wanted to pay homage to the SR-71, because unlike me it was nowhere near the surface of the Earth; with some reporting it’s ability to fly above 100,000 feet.

It’s stealth like character, speed, and ability to evade threat encompassed everything I fell in love with all those years ago while looking up at that jet in the sky with my grandfather.


So here it is, a tribute to an aviation marvel: The Blackbird LE Automatic. In loving memory of my grandfather.


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